Stormwater Education & Outreach

Mission Statement

We seek to educate and bring awareness to the public, local businesses and education centers of our region about stormwater issues and their impact on water quality and our environment. We further aim to unite local stormwater programs by sharing information and ideas in order to discuss and address similar stormwater issues on a regional level.

Your Regional Stormwater Partnership of the Carolinas

The Regional Stormwater Partnership of the Carolinas (RSPC) was developed as a forum for stormwater professionals to work collaboratively on local stormwater issues. Formed in 2006 and originally comprised of professionals from six municipalities in the Charlotte metropolitan area, the RSPC has expanded to include over eighteen municipality partners. The RSPC provides an opportunity to leverage limited resources to fulfill common needs of the partners. As an example, the RSPC has conducted public education and outreach efforts about stormwater issues, which is one of the requirements in all of the partners’ Clean Water Act stormwater permits. Numerous training and networking opportunities have also been provided for its members.

The RSPC has joined forces with Rising Solutions, PLLC, an environmental consulting firm with over twenty years’ experience working and engaging with the wider community in the areas of stormwater, air quality, solid waste and water quality.  Rising Solutions, PLLC facilitates an environment of collaborative working relationships, provides administrative support for the RSPC, and makes possible collaboration, community outreach and professional training experience necessary for the ongoing success of the Regional Stormwater Partnership of the Carolinas.

The partnership represents a collective commitment to the stormwater industry through meaningful collaboration among professionals and educators throughout the region.

Regional Stormwater of the Carolinas Map

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